XEBEC Floating Holder™ Straight Shank Type

The built-in spring helps to maintain stable load, which enables consistent performance, while reducing the need to adjust the Brush projection length frequently.

Applicable equipment

  • Machining center
  • Turn Mill Machine
  • Lathe (no live tooling)
  • Special machine
  • Robot
  • Rotary tool
  • Rotary tool
Product code Target brush diameter
Diameter for the sleeve shank
Maximum rotational speed
Accessories Fig
FH-ST12-SL10 φ6 φ6 (with the supplied bush ①) 10000 ①φ6 Bush
②φ8 Bush
③Low-pressure spring
④Standard spring*
⑤High-pressure spring
*Installed when shipped
φ15 φ6 (with the supplied bush ①) 6000
φ25 φ8 (with the supplied bush ②) 5000
φ40 φ10 3000
FH-ST20-60 φ60 φ12 2000 φ12 bush 18
FH-ST20-100 φ100 φ16 1200 φ16 bush 18
Spring load
Spring type Outer diameter
Spring constant
Overall length
Load by stroke (N)
0 mm 6mm
Standard spring Installed φ10 0.3 40 4.5 6.3
Low-pressure spring Attachment φ10 0.3 30 1.5 3.3
High-pressure spring Attachment φ10 0.55 39 7.2 10.5
Maximum load spring Sold separately φ10 3.03 30 15.2 33.4
Precautions for use

○ Apply the tool vertically when making it engaged with workpiece.
○ It can not be used if there are intermittent machining areas or protrusions.
○ In the case of horizontal machining center, telescopic function may not work if spring load is low.

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