XEBEC Floating Holder™ Straight Shank Type

The built-in spring helps to maintain stable load, contributing to consistent edge quality and reduction of the frequency to adjust the depth of cut.

Applicable equipment

  • Machining center
  • Combined lathe
  • Special machine
  • Robot
  • General purpose lathe with milling function
  • Drilling machine
  • Rotary tool
  • Rotary tool
Product code Target brush diameter
Diameter for the sleeve shank
Maximum rotational speed
Accessories Fig
FH-ST12-SL10 φ6 φ6(with the supplied bush ①) 10000 ①φ6 Bush
②φ8 Bush
③Low-pressure spring
④Standard spring*
⑤High-pressure spring
*Installed when shipped
φ15 φ6(with the supplied bush ①) 6000
φ25 φ8(with the supplied bush ②) 5000
φ40 φ10 3000
FH-ST20-60 φ60 φ12 2000 φ12 bush 18
FH-ST20-100 φ100 φ16 1200 φ16 bush 18
Sping load
Spring type Outer diameter
Spring constant
Overall length
Load by stroke(N)
0mm 6mm
Standard spiring Installed φ10 0.3 40 4.5 6.3
Low-pressure spring Attachment φ10 0.3 30 1.5 3.3
High-pressure spring Attachment φ10 0.55 39 7.2 10.5
Maximum load spring Sold separately φ10 3.03 30 15.2 33.4
Precautions of use

○ Approach the tool vertically when making it engaged with workpiece.
○ It can not be used if there are intermittent machining or protrusions.
○ Using on horizontal machinig center, it may not function when spring load is low.

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