How to use

XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole

Instruction manual download(Brush Dia.1.5-11mm)
Instruction manual download(Brush Dia.15-25mm)

Usage instructions

Brush insertion direction

Brush must be inserted from a main bore.
Burrs cannot be removed in case the brush is inserted from a secondary hole.

Precautions for use

■ Processing beyond the maximum rotational speed may cause brush damage.
■ Process outside the cylinder (outside workpiece) may cause brush damage.
■ This tool is not suitable for off-center hole or angled cross hole.
■ In the following cases, brush damage may occur.

How to select Brush color

Select the brush color based on the workpiece material and burr root thickness.

How to select Brush size

Select Brush size based on main hole diameter (brush insertion hole).
Each Brush has 2 different length (M and L) except for φ1.5 brush diameter.

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For a bore depth over 140mm, Extra-Long type is available as a customized item.

For effective use

1. Insert the brush while not in motion.
*If you rotate the brush outside the cylinder, the bristles may be damaged or scattered and may cause injury to the operator.

2. Rotate the tool past the cross-hole
*Consistent edge quality can be obtained by rotating the tool in both CW and CCW direction.

3. Process while pulling the brush back.
*Pulling the brush back past the cross holes prevents burrs from being laid flat against the interior surface of the cylinder.

4. Process while pushing the brush forward.
*Pushing the brush forward ensures that burrs remaining upward are removed.

5. Stop the brush rotation.

6. Remove the brush while it is at rest.

Machining parameters

Recommended rotational speed and maximum rotational speed

A11 (Red)
Product code Recommended rotational speed Maximum
rotational speed
CH-A12-1.5M 9000 – 11000min⁻¹ 20000min⁻¹
CH-A12-3M 7000 – 10000min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A12-3L 12000min⁻¹
CH-A12-5M 8000 – 10000min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A12-5L 12000min⁻¹
CH-A12-7M 7000 – 9000min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A12-7L 12000min⁻¹
CH-A12-11M 6000 – 7500min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A12-11L 12000min⁻¹
A33 (Blue)
Product code Recommended rotational speed Maximum
rotational speed
CH-A33-3M 7500 – 9000min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A33-3L 12000min⁻¹
CH-A33-5M 7500 – 8000min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A33-5L 12000min⁻¹
CH-A33-7M 6500 – 8000min⁻¹ 14000min⁻¹
CH-A33-7L 12000min⁻¹
CH-A33-11M 14000min⁻¹
CH-A33-11L 12000min⁻¹

Feed rate and rotational direction

Feed rate: 300mm/min.


Rotational direction: A uniform deburring and edge quality can be achieved by rotating the tool in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Recommended rotational speed

Recommended rotational speed is different depending on brush diameter.
See the recommended rotational speed and the target hole diameter shown below. 

The continuous line (-) represents the recommended rotational speed.
The dotted line (- – -) represents the rotational speed when the brush is worn down 10mm.
You can continue to use the tool by adjusting (i.e. increasing) the rotational speed according to the wear amount.

CH-A12-1.5M(φ1.5mm Red brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ3.5~φ5mm
【Recommended rotational speed】9000~11000min⁻¹


CH-A12-3M / CH-A12-3L(φ3mm Red brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ5~φ8mm
【Recommended rotational speed】7000~10000min⁻¹

CH-A12-5M/CH-A12-5L(φ5mm Red brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ8~φ10mm
【Recommended rotational speed】8000~10000min⁻¹

CH-A12-7M/CH-A12-7L(φ7mm Red brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ10~20mm
【Recommended rotational speed】7000~9000min⁻¹

CH-A12-11M / CH-A12-11L(φ11mm Red brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ14~φ20mm
【Recommended rotational speed】6000~7500min⁻¹

CH-A33-3M / CH-A33-3L(φ3mm Blue brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ5~φ8mm
【Recommended rotational speed】7500~9000min⁻¹

CH-A33-5M/CH-A33-5L(φ5mm Blue brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ8~φ10mm
【Recommended rotational speed】7500~8000min⁻¹

CH-A33-7M/CH-A33-7L(φ7mm Blue brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ10~φ14mm
【Recommended rotational speed】6500~8000min⁻¹

CH-A33-11M/CH-A33-11L(φ11mm Blue brush)

【Target hole diameter】φ14~φ20mm
【Recommended rotational speed】6500~8000min⁻¹

XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole

Ideal for deburring, polishing, and removing cutter marks on inner diameters and counterbores up to φ20


XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole Extra-Long

XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole Extra-Long

Ideal for deburring, polishing, and removing cutter marks on inner diameters and counterbores exceeding 150mm in depth


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