XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™
Spherical deburring cutter and custom-made tool path

An innovative CNC crosshole deburring solution, which, in combination with the spherical deburring cutter and the customized Path (NC data set), enables high-precision deburring of 3D-curved crossholes. The Path is created specifically for the customer application, enabling deburring without secondary burr formation at the same time, freeing you from having to make your own program.

High quality

  • Uniform edge shape thanks to an optinal tool path
  • Inhibits secondary burrs by calculating optional cutting angles

Long tool life

The continuous displacement of the contact point of the cutter during machining increases the tool life many times over compared to comparable tool solutions.

Super high-speed machining

  • Cycle time is reduced because of single edge-contouring operation. (5 to 10 times faster than conventional tools)

Applicable to various edge shapes

  • One-size Cutter covers various edges in different sizes and shapes. The cycle time is shortened by minimizing the number of tools.

Product lineup

XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™

Optimal solution for high-precision deburring of 3D-curved crossholes


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