XEBEC Brush™ Surface Extra-Large

Ideal for deburring, cutter mark removal and polishing on surface with a width of 100mm or greater.

Applicable equipment

  • Machining center
  • Combined lathe
  • Special machine
  • Robot
  • General purpose lathe with milling function
  • Drilling machine
  • Rotary tool
  • Rotary tool
Tool composition

Brush and Slide Ring are separate items. Assemble Brush to Slide Ring before use.

Product code Brush diameter
Bristle lengthℓ
Matching Slide Ring Fig
A11-CB125M φ125 75 SR125M 3
A11-CB165M φ165 75 SR165M 3
A11-CB200M φ200 75 SR200M 3
A21-CB125M φ125 75 SR125M 3
A21-CB165M φ165 75 SR165M 3
A21-CB200M φ200 75 SR200M 3
A32-CB125M φ125 75 SR125M 3
A32-CB165M φ165 75 SR165M 3
A32-CB200M φ200 75 SR200M 3


*The Brush size is approximate as the tip expands by rotating.

Slide Ring
Product code Brush diameter
Outer diameter Dc
Shank diameter
Overall length L
SR125M φ125 φ135 φ25 187 3
SR165M φ165 φ176 φ25 187 3
SR200M φ200 φ211 φ25 187 3

*The Slide Ring consists of a ring, a base holder, and a shank.
*Base holder and shank sizes are same across all Brush diameter. Ring size varies by Brush diameter.
*The total weight of a Brush and a Slide Ring. φ125: 1920g, φ165: 2320g, φ200: 2750g


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