2022.09.30 New lineup: XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft Disc Type

We are pleased to announce that XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft Disc Type is released.
You can download the flyer (PDF file) of the product from here.

Ideal for deburring grooves and deep holes

-The spring steel flexible shaft absorbs vibrations which makes soft contact with the surface possible while preventing the Ceramic Stone to bounce around, thereby reducing the risk of scratching the workpiece. These benefits make this an optimal tool for polishing and deburring areas that are deep inside the workpiece.
-The Ceramic Stone uses ceramic fibers that do not break away easily like abrasive grains, making it more durable than conventional stones.
-It is smooth to the touch and safe to use.

Disc Type Stone

Equivalent grit (Color) Product code Disc size: Diameter x Thickness (mm) Maximum rotational speed (min⁻¹) fig
#220 (Gray) CH-PM-14D φ14×2 5000 1


Product code Shaft diameter (mm) Overall length L (mm) Mounting screw Maximum rotational speed (min⁻¹) fig
CH-D-SH φ2.3 78 M2×6 5000 2

A wrench for the mounting screw is included in the product package.

Trial set

The set includes a Disc type Stone and a shaft.
*This set may become unavailable without prior notice.

Product code

φ2.3 to φ3.0 Collet Adapter

Adapts the φ2.3 shaft to fit on a rotary tool that can hold φ3 shanks.

Product code


Precautions for use

– Use the tool only in clockwise (CW) rotation.
– Do not use this tool in counterclockwise (CCW) rotation, as it may cause the screw to loosen and the Ceramic Stone to fall off.

The tool will be damaged when:

– processed beyond the maximum rotation speed
– used with a pneumatic tool.


To remove burrs in the groove bottom holes

Ideal for removing hard-to-reach burrs generated at the bottom of the groove.


Before After


To finish the spline edge

Easy to polish along the tooth tips of the spline and possible to remove burrs without deforming the workpiece.

Before After



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