How to Use

XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish

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For effective use

The use of metal polish liquid prevents clogging and increases polishing efficiency.

Stick type

Press the tip against the surface at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

*XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond contains diamond entirely, the side can be also used for polishing.

Rod type


The entire surface (tip and sides) has the grinding power.

Usage of an optional tool, a rotary tool and a vibratory tool

The tool can be used by directly holding in your hand, or can be used with the optional stick holder to improve work efficiency.

Stick type

Using with a vibratory tool (electric, ultrasonic and pneumatic) improves efficiency.

*When using with an ultrasonic vibratory tool, it is recommended to use the XEBEC Ceramic Stone Heat-Resistant, which is resistant up to 200℃.

*XEBEC Ceramic Stone Soft (BS-2006M) cannot be used with a vibratory tool.

Rod type

Using with a rotary tool (electric and pneumatic) improves work efficiency.

When using rod type (φ2.34mm, φ3mm) with a rotary tool, use at less maximum rotational speed of 30000min⁻¹ and make a tool length less than 50mm.

*XEBEC Ceramic Stone Soft (PBS-30M) cannot be used with a vibratory tool.

How to shape or form the tool tip

If the tip is worn out, form it with a diamond disc blade or grinder.
You can also customize the shape depending on the application or workpiece shape.

To shape the tip of the rod type finer, mount the tool on a rotary tool and rotate it for forming.
To cut off the tool, make a cut in both sides of the tool using a diamond disc blade etc.

For the details, please see the Maintenance page.

XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish

Excellent for mold polishing and deburring.


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