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XEBEC Brush™ Surface

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How to select

Brush color

Grinding power differs depending on Brush color.
Refer to the chart below and select the brush color based on the workpiece material and burr root thickness.
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Cutter mark removal and polishing
Brush size

Select the brush size based on workpiece size and shape, interfering objects such as jigs, attachable tool length and cycle time.
It is recommended to use the brush size which is 1.5 to 2 times wider than the width of the surface of the workpiece.

Please watch the video below to see what is the difference of processing paths by brush size.
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Processing conditions

Set the processing conditions depending on the purposes, deburring or cutter mark removal and polishing.
The 3 parameters of basic processing conditions are shown below.
1. Rotational speed  2. Depth of cut  3. Feed rate

Other parameters are brush projection amount (the length of the brush projected from the sleeve) and direction of brush rotation, which is important in deburring process.

How to set processing conditions for deburring

Rotational direction

Rotational direction of the Brush has a significant impact on the deburring capability.

For burrs in horizontal direction (i.e. side burr) generated after milling, machining must be done by up cut whereby the brush pushes upward against the burrs from the bottom.
When down cutting, there is a possibility that the burrs may not be removed properly because the burrs may get bent and stuck to the surface.

For vertical burrs (i.e. top burrs), there is no significant difference by rotational direction.

Initial processing conditions

Initial processing conditions
Product code Rotational speed (min-1) Depth of cut (mm) Feed (mm/min) Brush projection (mm)
Recommended speed for deburring Recommended speed for cutter mark removal/
Maximum rotational speed Vertical burrs Horizontal burrs Cutter mark removal/
Burr root thickness 0.05mm Burr root thickness 0.1mm Cutter mark removal/
Deburring Cutter mark removal/
A13-CB06M・A11-CB06M・A21-CB06M 8000 10000 10000 0.5 0.5 0.3 4000 2500 300 10 10
A32-CB06M 8000 10000 10000 0.3 0.3 0.3 4000 2500 300 10 10
A13-CB15M 4800 6000 6000 1 1 0.5 4000 2500 300 10 10
A11-CB15M・A21-CB15M・A32-CB15M 4800 6000 6000 0.5 1 0.5 4000 2500 300 10 10
A11-CB25M・A21-CB25M・A32-CB25M 4000 5000 5000 0.5 1 0.5 4000 2500 300 15 10
A11-CB40M・A21-CB40M・A32-CB40M 2400 3000 3000 0.5 1 0.5 4000 2500 300 15 10
A11-CB60M・A21-CB60M・A32-CB60M 1600 2000 2000 0.5 1 0.5 4000 2500 300 15 10
A11-CB100M・A21-CB100M・A32-CB100M 960 1200 1200 0.5 1 0.5 4000 2500 300 15 10

Dry or wet machining

The tool can be used for both dry and wet (oil-based and water-soluble) machining.
Therefore, you can use the coolant which you are using in machining process.
Generally, wet machining are more effective to improve the surface finish quality and tool life.

XEBEC Brush™ Surface

Ideal for deburring, cutter mark removal and surface polishing.


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