How to Use

XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™

Applicable equipment

The tool can be mounted on machining center (XYZ-axis) or combined lathe (XZY or XZC-axis). 3-axis simultaneous control is required.

*For combined lathe, polar coordinate interpolation is required.
*It cannot be used manually.

How to order XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path

You can check whether XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path is applicable for your hole-burr problem and environment.
The result is immediately available.
Access from the following link.

In case you have difficulties filling out sheets online

Please send us a completed “Back Burr Cutter and Path application sheet” if you have difficulties filling out the online form. We will select an optimal Cutter size, assess whether XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path is applicable to your workpiece and machining equipment, and provide XEBEC Path number.
There are 2 types of application sheet; for machining center and combined lathe.
Please download and fill out a sheet depending on your machining equipment.

Application sheet:
for machining center
Application sheet:
for combined lathe

Edge shape and dimensions after deburring

Edge shape

As a result of having pursued the effective shape for crosshole deburring, the Cutter is spherical.
It is not possible to chamfer or round-chamfer the edge.
The following shows the edge shape after deburring.

For the reason above, we consider “a width of an edge after deburring” as “deburring amount”

Processing conditions

First, please try under initial processing conditions instructed in the tool guide.

Product code Cutter diameter
Projection amount Spindle speed
XC-08-A φ0.8 5D 43000 1300
XC-13-A φ1.3 5D 27000 800
XC-18-A φ1.8 5D 19500 580
XC-23-A φ2.3 5D 15000 750
XC-28-A φ2.8 5D 12500 1000
XC-33-A φ3.3 5D 10600 1060
XC-38-A φ3.8 5D 9200 1200
XC-48-A φ4.8 5D 7200 1100
XC-58-A φ5.8 5D 6000 900
XC-78-A φ7.8 5D 4500 1350
XC-98-A φ9.8 5D 3600 1080
XC-18-B φ1.8 10D 4400 220
XC-23-B φ2.3 10D 3500 220
XC-28-B φ2.8 10D 2800 220
XC-33-B φ3.3 10D 2400 190
XC-38-B φ3.8 10D 2000 160
XC-48-B φ4.8 10D 1600 120
XC-58-B φ5.8 10D 1300 100

How to install

Paths are made by XEBEC Technology and delivered to a customer via email.
Therefore, you only need to install the Path, set a starting point of the Cutter, and set processing conditions. You do not need to program on your own.

Please refer to the tool guide to see how to set a tool length offset and a starting point.

The following explains how to install incremental command point group data for XEBEC Back Burr Cutter and Path™
(for machining center, B-type hole) on a processing program.
*Control system is set in accordance to FANUC. Please adjust G codes in the program according to your own system.

Program overview

Other Support

If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.