How to use

XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point

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For effective use

XEBEC Stone Mounted Point has grinding power on the entire surface of the head. It allows deburring in various ways as long as the tip of the head portion contacts with the processing area.
It can be attached to a pneumatic tool as well as an electric rotary tool since it is tolerant to high speed.

Processing conditions

Please use at a rotational speed within the maximum rotational speed in the table below.

Equivalent grit
Product code Head size
Shank diameter
Head length
Maximum rotational speed
AX-PM-3R φ3 φ3 20 60000
AX-PM-5RF φ5 φ3 8 30000
AX-PM-6T φ6 φ3 20 60000

XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point

Suitable for use with pneumatic tools at high rotational speed


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