Achieved CNC deburring of tapped holes!/ JAPAN-MIYAKI Co., Ltd.

Below is an interview with Mr. Nahoki Sugiyama (hereafter referred to as “Mr. Sugiyama”) of JAPAN-MIYAKI Co., Ltd., a company that has succeeded in CNC deburring of tapped holes by using XEBEC Back Burr Cutter & Deburring Tool Path for Tapped Hole.
We asked him in detail to know more about the background of CNC deburring of tapped holes and the improvements after adopting our solution.


Target workpiece

Industrial robot parts


Stainless steel


CNC lathe → Machining center → Manual deburring

Annual production

3,000 pieces

CNC deburring of tapped holes!

We would like to thank you for having an interest in our product soon after XEBEC Deburring Tool Path for Tapped Hole (Tapped Hole Tool Path) was released!

Mr. Sugiyama:
I read the newsletter of XEBEC introducing the Tapped Hole Tool Path, and I just thought “What is this!?” It raised my curiosity immediately.
Also, it said that XEBEC would participate JIMTOF as an exhibitor. “Definitely I want to go.” I decided in my mind and that’s how I became interested at the beginning.

How did you remove the burrs of the tapped holes previously?

Mr. Sugiyama:
Burrs were removed by using the Leutor (one kind of hand grinder), where a rubber grindstone is mounted. But the burr generated was so big that it turned to be a heavy load on the Leutor.
Sometimes after deburring, secondary burrs were generated, that is why we have to go through the process of thread deburring using a tap. After that, we need to remove cutting chips with air blow and then use the thread gauge for a thread check, finally inspect internal threads using plug gauge.

How are the processes improved after using Tapped Hole Tool Path?

Mr. Sugiyama:
The five processes are now cut down to three, and the cycle time is reduced by 65-80 seconds per workpiece.
Since the deburring process no longer requires technical skills or any particular know-how of workers, anyone would be qualified for the job in the final deburring process regardless of their skill level.

Furthermore, the reduction of burr formation after our application contributes to the lower consumption of rubber grindstones and tools such as grinders and air blow equipment.

Deburring process

5 processes were decreased to 3.

Deburring time per workpiece

From 105-120 seconds per piece to 40 seconds per piece.

Tooling cost


To overcome the shortage of human resources, CNC deburring is of great need.

It seems that the traditional idea of “Deburring is to be done manually” has been deeply rooted, especially in regard to the back burr of the tapped holes.
However, you have adopted CNC deburring solutions.
Have you ever thought of “CNC deburring” before you came across XEBEC’s products?

Mr. Sugiyama:
I used to accept the general idea of manual deburring. But the incremental deburring workload lead me to think that how troublesome these works are.
In many situations, staffs even worked overtime just to deal with hand deburring. From then on, I began to think we should do something to change this situation. We have tried various types of deburring tools on the market since then, and finally we found XEBEC’s products.

So, you have thought that deburring should have been automated, right?

Mr. Sugiyama:
As the whole manufacturing industry is facing the shortage of human resources, CNC deburring supposed to be a good idea to help solve this problem.
As for certain facilities, we have developed SCARA robots in-house to promote the automation of operations. From the viewpoint of company secret, I can’t talk about them much… I really want to share because I am so proud of them (laughter).

As far as we know, there are still many workplaces where people don’t even know the concept of “CNC deburring”.

Mr. Sugiyama:
“Deburring takes a lot of work”, and once you get used to the troublesome of the deburring process, you might end up having the problem with you, thinking it doesn’t matter. As it’s said, if you don’t treat the problem as a problem, then it wouldn’t be a problem to you’.
On the other hand, even if you consider it is a problem, it’s quite hard to take a measure for this as long as you don’t have any knowledge how to solve it.

As a deburring tool manufacturer, it is also our mission to make people be aware of their problems and to provide know-how helping them solve these problems. We will keep trying for our best!

What matters is whether customers can be “delighted” with what we provide.

Finally, please give us your expectation in the future!

Mr. Sugiyama:
I really think XEBEC is an innovative manufacturer.

For example, I was surprised when XEBEC Back Burr Cutter & Deburring Tool Path was released. I myself made a macro program that can three-dimensionally remove burrs of the holes, including front and back burrs of off-center cross holes as well as slotted holes. I thought that your product is was an epoch-making innovation, because by constantly shifting the contact point of the cutting blade, the entire blade is used thus maximizing the tool life.

I believe that the fundamental principle and ultimate objective of manufacturing lies in whether our customers could be delighted with what we provide or not.

I was impressed and inspired by the XEBEC Back Burr Cutter & Deburring Tool Path. For me, I also want to make products that delight customers, and I hope that XEBEC could consistently develop and provide innovative products and solutions that delight more and more people in the future.


Interview with


Leader of Production Technology
Special Technician (Machining)
Vocational training instructor

Naoki Sugiyama

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