XEBEC Brush™ Surface

Cup-type/ End-type

Structure of ceramic fiber

XEBEC Brush Surface uses abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain. One single bristle has 1,000 cutting edges, providing excellent cutting ability. 

The ceramic fiber has 3 features: "high grinding power", "tip-to-tip consistent performance" and "no deformation".
It enables the automation of deburring and polishing.

SEM Photo

Each bristle is made by fixing 500-1000 ceramic fibers, each together with a binder.

Each bristle is made by fixing 500-1000 ceramic fibers, each together with a binder.

Sterngth 1: High grinding power

Free of abrasive grains.The fiber content ratio is approximately 80%.

Our uniquely developed ceramic fibers themselves are the abrasive; their fiber content ratio is over 80%. The thousands of cutting edges that are made up of the ends of each individual fiber create overpowering grinding power.

Handles all sorts of materials up to HRC 65.

The brushes can process general materials up to HRC65. They can handle hard-to-cut and super hard materials from general metals, aluminum, and resin, to SUS, Inconel, and Titanium.

Comparison of grinding capacity with other companies’products.

The XEBEC Brush Surface has 60 times higher grinding power compared with nylon brushes and consistently remove burrs.

・XEBEC Brush™ Surface Grinding aprox.0.22g in 10 sec
・Brass Brush Not grinding
・Nylon brush Not grinding

Strength 2: Stable grinding performance to the end

Self-sharpening unique to ceramic fiber.

Through the self-sharpening of cutting edges on the fiber ends, the brushes do not become clogged, and new, fresh cutting edges are always exposed. The stability of performance makes true automation possible. 


Comparison of substantivity with other companies' products

Strength 3: No deformation

They maintain their straight shape, and do not spread out like a toothbrush; suitable for automated deburring and polishing in mass production line.

Comparison of brush filament shapes(After use)

Amazing polishing capacity

 The superfine fibers, measured in micrometers, can improve surface roughness in a short time.


Comparison of polishing capacity with other companies’ products

XEBEC Brush™ Surface/ Improving aprox. 0.5μm in 10sec
Brass brush –Surface roughness is not improved
Nylon impregnated brush/ Improving approx. 0.10.5μm in 10sec

사용 방법


Because XEBEC brush has high grinding power on the tip, the brush tip needs to be in contact with the processing area (the part where burring occurs).
By setting up cutting depth, the tool can handle both vertical burr that occurs from drilling or end milling as well as horizontal burr that occurs from milling.
Avoid coming into contact with a protruding part, because it may damage the brush.

For successful applications please see the support page.

Apparatuses that can mount the tool

The tool can be mounted on apparatuses that control the rotation speed.
The tool can be used not only on machining centers, combined lathes, robots and special machines, but drilling machines as well.

For more usage instructions please see the support page.


선택 방법 XEBEC Brush Surface

The material (color) of the brush varies depending on difference of grinding power. Refer to the chart below and select the brush bristles (color) based on information such as the workpiece material and base thickness of burr.

Please see the support page for additional information.

XEBEC Brush Surface Cup type 라인업

Product code Ceramic Fiber Rod (color) Diameter Corresponding sleeve (Product code) Maximum rotation speed
A13-CB06M A13(Pink) φ6mm S06M 10,000min-1
A13-CB15M φ15mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A11-CB06M A11(Red) φ6mm S06M 10,000min-1
A11-CB15M φ15mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A11-CB25M φ25mm S25M 5,000min-1
A11-CB40M φ40mm S40M 3,000min-1
A11-CB60M φ60mm S60M 2,000min-1
A11-CB100M φ100mm S100M 1,200min-1
A21-CB06M A21(White) φ6mm S06M 10,000min-1
A21-CB15M φ15mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A21-CB25M φ25mm S25M 5,000min-1
A21-CB40M φ40mm S40M 3,000min-1
A21-CB60M φ60mm S60M 2,000min-1
A21-CB100M φ100mm S100M 1,200min-1
A31-CB06M A31(Blue) φ6mm S06M 10,000min-1
A31-CB15M φ15mm S15M-P 6,000min-1
A31-CB25M φ25mm S25M 5,000min-1
A31-CB40M φ40mm S40M 3,000min-1
A31-CB60M φ60mm S60M 2,000min-1
A31-CB100M φ100mm S100M 1,200min-1
  • One row of bristle is embedded around the periphery (Except for the A13/A11/A21/A31-CB06M and end-types)
  • Be absolutely certain to mount the brush to the sleeve for use

XEBEC Sleeve 라인업

Type Product code Axis core diameter Sleeve external diameter Full length(Inc Axis) Corresponding brush(Product code) Maximum rotation speed
Forφ6mm S06M φ6mm φ10mm 70mm A13/A11/A21/A31-CB06M 10,000min-1
Forφ15mm S15M-P φ6mm φ18.5mm 90mm A13/A11/A21/A31-CB15M 6,000min-1
Forφ25mm S25M φ8mm φ30mm 140mm A11/A21/A31-CB25M 5,000min-1
Forφ40mm S40M-SD10 φ10mm φ45mm 140mm A11/A21/A31-CB40M 3,000min-1
Forφ60mm S60M φ12mm φ65mm 150mm A11/A21/A31-CB60M 2,000min-1
Forφ100mm S100M φ16mm φ110mm 162mm A11/A21/A31-CB100M 1,200min-1
  • The external cylinder of the S15M-P is made of fiber reinforced plastic(FRP) 
  • S40M-SD10, which has a φ10 shank, is released on August 1, 2016.
  • Please contact us if you would like S40M, which has a φ8 shank.
  • The fullnlength is only the length of the sleeve. When in use, the length of the brush projection is added.

XEBEC Brush Surface Extra Large 라인업

It is recommended to use for deburring and polishing large workpieces with a width of 100mm or greater.

XEBEC Brush Surface End Type 라인업

 Product code Ceramic Fiber Rod(color)  Diameter Shank diameter Maximum rotation speed
A13-EB03M A13(Pink) φ3mm φ3mm 6,000min-1
A11-EB06M A11(Red) φ5mm φ3mm 12,000min-1
A21-EB06M A21(White) φ5mm φ3mm 12,000min-1
  • With the end-type, the brush and shank are a combined unit, so a sleeve is not used .
For maintenance please see the support page.


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