XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft

Crosshole Deburring Tools

Structure of ceramic stone

XEBEC Stone does not use abrasive grain; it instead uses an originally developed ceramic fiber as the abrasive material. By using ceramic stone on the head portion, the cutting edge is exposed over the entire surface. Because the tool does not contain abrasive grain, it features being less likely to be clogged up and not scratching the surface.

Abrasive material content ratio (image by CG)

Use of spring steel

By using spring steel in the shaft portion, the tool becomes more flexible, which in turn suppresses subtle vibration from the ceramic stone that occurs at the time of processing.

Comparison of processing quality with third-party products

The tool is capable of maintaining edge quality by deburring while preventing the occurrence of secondary burr (i.e. burr that turns back to the face side).

How to Use


XEBEC Stone Flexible Shaft enables processing in various ways as long as the tip of the grinding stone comes into contact with the processing surface because the entire surface has grinding power.
The ball type is capable of deburring the hole mouth after drilling by exerting pressure, or deburring the burr that has gone through (i.e. back burr) after drilling by contouring.
The cylinder type is effective for deburring a blind hole.
It is not only effective for deburring, but it is an ideal tool for precision polishing of the liner portion, cooling cavity, etc. of various molding mold (especially plastic mold).

For successful applications please see the support page.

Apparatuses that can mount the tool

The tool can be mounted on apparatuses that control the rotation speed.
The tool can be used on machining centers, combined lathes, robots, special machines, and drilling machines. Additionally, it can be used with an electronic grinding tool.

For more usage instructions please see the support page.


XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft

Product code Target primary processing hole Head size Head shape Shank diameter Maximum rotation speed
Blue #800 equivalent Orange #400 equivalent Gray #220 equivalent
CH-PB-3B CH-P0-3B CH-P0-3B Overφ3mm φ3mm Ball type φ3mm 15,000min-1
CH-PB-3R CH-P0-3R CH-P0-3R φ3×3mm Cylinder type 15,000min-1
CH-PB-4B CH-P0-4B CH-P0-4B Overφ4mm φ4mm Ball type 13,000min-1
CH-PB-4R CH-P0-4R CH-P0-4R φ4×4mm Cylinder type 13,000min-1
CH-PB-5B CH-P0-5B CH-P0-5B Overφ5mm φ5mm Ball type 12,000min-1
CH-PB-5R CH-P0-5R CH-P0-5R φ5×5mm Cylinder type 12,000min-1
- - CH-PM-5R-C01 φ5×10mm Cylinder type 12,000min-1
CH-PB-6B CH-P0-6B CH-P0-6B Overφ6mm φ6mm Ball type 10,000min-1
- - CH-PM-10B Overφ10mm φ10mm Ball type 6,000min-1
For more lineup please see the support page.
For maintenance please see the support page.


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