【Now Available】XEBEC BrushTM for Crosshole Extra-Long Shank



Announcing a new deburring tool for crosshole over 140 mm deep, unreachable by the existing XEBEC brush for crosshole. Machining is possible for deep holes over 1000 mm in depth.

・Uses the ceramic fiber bristles and has high grinding power at the edge.
・Centrifugal force spreads out the brush and removes fine burrs in cylinders.
・Accurately and reliably removes fine burrs after machining with base thicknesses of 0.1mm or less.
・Can be used for inner surface polishing and descaling of holes.
・Resin collar on the embedded portion of the brush acts as a guide to reduce vibration.
・Can be used for deep holes of 180mm-1000mm or more.  

※” XEBEC Brush for Crosshole” product details are available here:

【Target Applications】
Cylinder blocks, drive shafts, camshafts, molds etc.
Extremely effective for punched and gun-drilled holes.


Products code Target Diameters Brush Diameter Shank Diameter  Total Length Maximum Rotation Speed Recommended Rotation Speed
CH-A12-3F φ5~8㎜ φ3㎜ φ4㎜ 170~100+mm 12000min-1 7000~10000min-1
CH-A12-5F φ8~10㎜ φ5㎜ φ6㎜ 8000~10000min-1
CH-A12-7F φ10~20㎜ φ7㎜ φ8㎜ 7000~9000min-1
CH-A12-11F φ14~20㎜ φ11㎜ φ12㎜ 6000~7500min-1
CH-A33-3F φ5~8㎜ φ3㎜ φ4㎜ 180~10000+㎜ 7500~9000min-1
CH-A33-5F φ8~10㎜ φ5㎜ φ6㎜ 7500~8000min-1
CH-A33-7F φ10~14㎜ φ7㎜ φ8㎜ 6500~8000min-1
CH-A33-11F φ14~20㎜ φ11㎜ φ12mm

This tool is a special-order item. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and send it to us via email (info@xebec-tech.co.jp) or fax (03-5211-8964).

・For machine tools, please use the full-cover type. There is a high risk of material scattering if the bristles or shank is broken.
・Use a brush that corresponds to the hole diameter. Failure to do so could lead to breakage or deformation of the bristles and shank.
・Be sure to begin rotation only after you have inserted the tool bristles into the cylinder to be processed. Failure to do so could lead to breakage or scattering of the bristles and shank.

For the safe usage of this product, please be sure to always follow the applicable usage instructions and observe operator safety measures.  


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