XEBEC Short BT Holder™

Optional tool for XEBEC Brush Surface/XEBEC Floating Holder/XEBEC Self-Adjusting sleeve

XEBEC Floating Holder BT Shank is an optional tool for resolving tool length problems that occur when using XEBEC Brush Surface, XEBEC Floating Holder and XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve.
This tool can be used for ATC machining centers on which it is difficult to limit tool length when processing large workpieces, etc.
Use this tool only with XEBEC products. It cannot be used for cutting tools because it has low rigidity.
Product code Outermost diameter Supporting Shank diameter
SH-BT30 φ46mm φ20mm

How to Use

Apparatuses that can mount the tool

This tool can be used on apparatuses, such as machining centers and combined lathes, on which BT shank tools can be mounted.

For more usage instructions please see the support page.


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