XEBEC Floating Holder™

Optional Tools for XEBEC Brush Surface

XEBEC Floating Holder is an optional tool for XEBEC Brush Surface to stabilize the cutting load.

Extension of brush tool life (Up to 4 times longer)

Since the processing state is more stable, it reduces the amount of tool wear

Reduce process adjustments

Extend the interval of adjustment for brush projection and depth of cut due to tool wear

Consistent quality finish

Reduce change in depth of cut due to tool wear for consistent edge quality.

How to Use

The tool can be used by mounting the XEBEC Brush Surface on the XEBEC Floating Holder and tightening the fixing screws on the shank.


The tool can basically be used for workpieces that can be processed with XEBEC Brush Surface. However, it cannot be used for intermittent processing in which the brush would fall or when there is a protruding part.

Apparatuses that can mount the tool

The tool can be mounted on apparatuses that control the rotation speed.
The tool can be used on machining centers, combined lathes, robots, special machines and drilling machines.
 Available in straight shank type and BT shank type.

For more usage instructions please see the support page.


XEBEC Floating Holder Straight Shank

Product code Workable shank
Spring load Maximum
FH-ST12-SL10 φ10mm S40M-SD10 6mm Stoke
Approx4.5N 5000min-1 Replacement of
φ8mm S40M
When equipped
with attached bush
φ6mm S15M-P Stoke
When equipped
with attached bush
End of Manufacture
φ8mm S40M 6mm Stoke Approx4.5N 5000min-1 End of Manufacture
S25M 0mm
φ6mm S15M-P Stoke Approx6.3N
When equipped

with attached bush
S06M 6mm
FH-ST20-60 φ12mm S60M 6mm Stoke Approx2N 2000min-1  
FH-ST20-100 φ16mm S100M Stoke Approx6N 1200min-1

*Production of the FH-ST12 has now terminated. The replacement item, the FH-S12-SL10, has no changes to the external dimensions and spring tension.If using S25M or S40M, please be aware that total length increases by 2mm when a bush is attached.
*For XEBEC Brush Sleeve (S06M) and (S15M-P), φ6mm bush is included. For XEBEC Brush Sleeve (S25M) and (S40M), φ8mm bush is included (see the table below for details.)

*The FH-ST12-SL10 is delivered with a standard spring, as well as high- and low-tension springs.

*The storage of the spring has a diameter of Φ10.5 x 25mm when relaxed and Φ10.5 x 19mm when contracted, and slides 6mm.
  Therefore, the spring can be replaced with any spring with a diameter of Φ 10mm that can safely be used within a range of 25mm to 19mm.
  Note that we cannot guarantee performance when using springs other than the dedicated ones.

*In addition to the high load spring (0.72kgf to 1.05kgf) included with the tool, we also have a maximum load spring (1.52kgf to 3.34kgf) that has an even higher load.   Contact us for more information.
*Please contact us for information about the φ3 shank. 
*If using FH-ST12-SL10 in a dry format, we recommended using a protective dust cover. Please contact us for details.
*If the tool length is problematic we have a XEBEC Short BT Holder™ 

XEBEC Floating Holter BT Shank Type

Product code Supporting model Supporting shank diameter Supporting brush diameter Floating stroke Spring laod (Initial setting) Length under gauge line
FH-BT30 For BT-30 φ8mm
When equipped with separately-sold bushing:φ6
When equipped with separately-sold bushing:φ6
6mm Stroke0mm
FH-BT40 For BT-40 60mm
 For additional information, please see the support page.


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