Darwin's theory of evolution and the 1.01 law

Those who can change by themselves and those who can have the courage to challenge will find new possibilities and attain their own growth and evolution.

Believe in your possibilities,
and keep working hard up until the very last moment.
That means you can enjoy your life and that is the secret to living without regret.

I would like to grow and find my new possibilities and the members’ through our business activities.
I will represent such an attitude both as an individual and as a company,
and make a positive impact on all people who are involved with me.

Darwin's theory of evolution and the 1.01 law

 President & CEO Norihiko Sumiyoshi

"Meeting with new people – the most important thing in work"

The motivation for my job is the pride which comes with contribution to the Japanese manufacturing industry by resolving inevitable issues on deburring and polishing. However, the real enjoyment comes with meeting new people. That's the best part of it. I take great pleasure when my proposal defies the existing thought and practice, resulting in making a big change in cusomters’ operation. As a sales department manager, day by day I encourage each member of my team to take advantage of their strength and grow so that we can perform a big achievement as a whole.

Internal Sales Department Manager
(Previous Position: Electrical Systems Engineer) 

"Enjoy working with the team"

Using my experience as a management consultant, I act as director and work to make sound and accurate judgements while keeping close communication with the team members. I am also in charge of global sales strategies, and in that role I have overseas business trips several times a year to visit our major users and have meetings with our business partners. The challenge is to engage in the sequential process of market selection and development, growing, maintaining and improving it. I am proactively handling my job by taking advntage of my natural sociability, and this makes every day much more enjoyable since there is always something new to learn.

Director and Manager of Global Project Strategies
(Previous Position: Management consultant) 

"I want to deliver even better products"

I always wonder, what is the best way to get more production plants from all over the world to use XEBEC's wonderful tools. We are not to be satisfied with just one finished model. Rather, we must continue working to deliver even better products to the users, which drives us to engage in production PR through trial and error. We must never lose sight of our customers, and endeavor to make a user-friendly products. Seeing this ever-changing global manufacturing industry in front of us, we must keep our impatient emotions under control in order to obtain a macro perspective to see our direction toward the future. We must steadily work on one thing at a time every day, doing what has to be done.

PR / Marketing Department Manager
(Previous Position: Project Planning for Precise Manufacturing) 

"An experienced engineer striving for resolving deburring issues"

With my experience attained from the real field site, I am responsible for development of new products and processing methods through the eyes of a manufacturer. I previously worked for a manufacturer of machine tools, carrying out engineering operations such as attendance and start-up of the manufacturing process. Throughout that exeperience, I became keenly aware of inefficient manual work of deburring and polishing, which made up my mind to make changes in their work.
I would like to share the knowledge and skills acquired from working with machine tools and cutting processes, and deliver innovative and practical products and methods with the out-of-the-box mindset as is the atmosphere of XEBEC.

Development Department
(Previous Position: Machine Tools Manufacturing Engineer) 

"Smooth cooperation in a polite and considerate way"

I am in charge of sales operations that underpins the company’s business operation and my role includes receiving orders from over 40 countries and arrangement of shipment. In my previous job, I was handling from sales to production control for an automotive parts’ manufacturer and had experience in both production and marketing. That experience helps me manage a quick delivery as well as brush up my communicating skills with customers and detect changes in market trends. Every day, I work with a desire “I would like more people to use XEBEC products” while keeping close cooperation between the sales team and other departments.

Operations Department Manager
(Previous Position: Manufacturer's International Office / Production Control) 

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