Period History
1995/11 Factory opened in Moriyama-shi, Shiga, Japan
1996/1 Sales commenced on a trial basis
1996/6 Moved the headquarters to Toshima-ku, Tokyo Origin of the Corporate Name
1996/6 XEBEC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. incorporated (Initial capital: 35 million Japanese Yen)
1997/5 Third Private Placement (Capital Increase: 284.375 million Japanese Yen)
1997/6 Certified as an authorized corporation by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) under the Act on Temporary Measures for Facilitating Specific New Business
1997/9 XEBEC TECHNOLOGY and Nagoya University qualified as a Creative Technology for Founding the Future by NEDO (an organization of the Japanese government)
1999/5 Long term business agreement with Taimei Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
1999/6 R&D moved to Nagano, Japan
2001/10 XEBEC Technical Lab opened in XEBEC R&D
2006/9 Commenced a new operation in U.S. Contracted with a newly formed company that possesses sales and stock-point facilities that are exclusive to our company’s products
2007/10 Norihiko Sumiyoshi assumed office as the president and CEO.
2009/9 Established the company philosophy, policy, vision and mission
2012/6 Established the new corporate identity Origin of the Logo
2013/6 Established the “XEBEC Plus R&D Center” in Ota-ku, Tokyo
2014/5 Moved the headquarters to 1 Chome, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2015/3 Awarded the “Diversity Management Selection 100 for the year 2014” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2015/11 Established the “XEBEC Plus Engineering Center” in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.


Period History
1996/1 Sales commenced on a trial basis
1998/5 Released “XEBEC Ceramic StoneTM Meister Finish” (formerly known as Meister Finish) commenced in earnest.
2002/4 Released“XEBEC BrushTM Surface” (formerly known as Cutting Fiber)
Brushes optimal for fine deburring and surface finishing
2004/11 Released "XEBEC BrushTM Crosshole" (formerly known as Cross-Hole Deburring Tool Ceramic Fiber Rod Type)
Brushes optimal for crosshole deburring
2004/11 Released “XEBEC StoneTM Flexible Shaft” (formerly known as Cross-Hole Deburring Tool Ceramic Stone Type)
Ceramic stone ideal for pinpoint cross-hole deburring
2008/10 Released “XEBEC StoneTM Mounted Point”
Handwork tool made from ceramic stone. Supports pneumatic tools and removes burrs without damaging edges
2010/10 Released “XEBEC Floating HolderTM
Optional tool for XEBEC Brush Surface. Enables load control, uniform finish quality and reduced process control.
2013/4 Released “XEBEC Brush Length Adjustment ToolTM
Optional tool which allows quick brush projection adjustment of the XEBEC Brush Surface in a machine. Allows to reduce the setup time
2014/4 Change of the products’ name
2014/11 Change of the products’ imprint
2015/10 Released “XEBEC Self-Adjusting SleeveTM
XEBEC Brush Surface’s optional tool that enables complete automation of brush projection adjustment. Achieved zero human intervention for brush projection adjustment.

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