XEBEC Piedra Ceramica™ Lápiz

For polishing and deburring narrow parts


XEBEC Stone does not use abrasive grain; it instead uses an originally developed ceramic fiber as the abrasive material.
Features of Meister Finish
  • Ceramic fiber stones with unique crystal structure: 'No breaking', 'No cracking', 'No chipping‘
  • Polishing efficiency and strength have been improved by the two way linear structure, which prevents side-slipping.
  • Efficiently polish by tip of the stick.

Abrasive material content ratio (image by CG)

How to Use

Use with a professional drafting pencil. 
Applying lubricant improves polishing efficiency.
For more usage instructions please see the support page.
You can easily shape it using an electrodeposited diamond file
For more information, please see the support page.


Ideal  for polishing the stamping and narrow part of molds. It can polish efficiently for workpieces up to HRC57.

XEBEC Ceramic Stone Pencil

Pencil type Lineup

Product code Equivalent grit Color T×W×L(mm) Pack of Corresponding Holder
3PACK-AR-0505S #1200* Red 0.5×0.5×50 3 PCL-5
3PACK-AR-0909S 0.9×0.9×50 3 PCL-9
3PACK-AB-0505S #800* Blue 0.5×0.5×50 3 PCL-5
3PACK-AB-0909S 0.9×0.9×50 3 PCL-9
*Equivalent grit

Pencil holder

Product code Size of Pencil tip


XEBEC Ceramic Stone Pencil

PCL-5 φ0.7mm (0.5mm square) AR-0505S AB-0505S
PCL-9 φ1.3mm (0.9mm square) AR-0909S AB-0909S


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