XEBEC Piedra Ceramica™ Resistente al calor

For mold polishing and deburrinIng (designed for ultrasonic polishers)

Structure of ceramic stone

XEBEC Stone does not use abrasive grain; it instead uses an originally developed ceramic fiber as the abrasive material.
  • Suitable to be used with an ultrasonice tool.
  • Durability has been enhanced for prolonged use, in addition to the performantce of XEBEC Ceramic Stone Meister Finish: "no breaking" and "no cracking".
  • Heat resistance temperature of XEBEC Ceramic Stone Heat-Resistant is 200 degree Celsius.!
  • Polishing efficiency and strength have been improved by the two way linear structure, which prevents side-slipping.
  • Efficiently polish by tip of the stick.

Abrasive material content ratio (image by CG)

How to Use

This tool can be used manually.
A stick holder is available as an optional tool.
The tool has grinding power on the tip.

Applying lubricant improves polishing efficiency.
For more usage instructions please see the support page.
You can easily shape the tip using an electrodeposited diamond file
For more information, please see the support page.


  • Ideal for precise polishing of flat surfaces, free curves, ribs, bosses, etc., of various forming molds (especially plastic molds).
  • Excellent polishing performance for material up to HRC57. (Please use XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond for workpieces harder than HRC57.)


XEBEC Ceramic Stone Heat-Resistant

 Equivalent grit Dimensions Product code
Red #1200* 1×4×100 HR-1004M
1×6×100 HR-1006M
1×10×100 HR-1010M
2×4×100 HR-2004M
2×6×100 HR-2006M
2×10×100 HR-2010M
Blue #800* 1×4×100 HB-1004M
1×6×100 HB-1006M
1×10×100 HB-1010M
2×4×100 HB-2004M
2×6×100 HB-2006M
2×10×100 HB-2010M
Orange #400* 1×4×100 HO-1004M
1×6×100 HO-1006M
1×10×100 HO-1010M
2×4×100 HO-2004M
2×6×100 HO-2006M
2×10×100 HO-2010M
Dark Brown #220* 1×4×100 HD-1004M
1×6×100 HD-1006M
1×10×100 HD-1010M
2×4×100 HD-2004M
2×6×100 HD-2006M
2×10×100 HD-2010M
Violet #120* 1×4×100 HV-1004M
1×6×100 HV-1006M
1×10×100 HV-1010M
2×4×100 HV-2004M
2×6×100 HV-2006M
2×10×100 HV-2010M
*Equivalent grit


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