XEBEC Piedra Ceramica™ Suave

For fine deburring and removing scratches

Structure of ceramic stone

XEBEC Stone does not use abrasive grain; it instead uses an originally developed ceramic fiber as the abrasive material.
  • Rubber binder allows soft contact with the surface and  you will not scratch the workpiece.
  • Adapts well to the shape of the workpiece, removes only burrs without causing undercutting or linear scratches. 
  • Use the tip at an angle to the surface of a workpiece.


How to Use

This tool can be used manually.
A stick holder is available as an optional tool.
The tool has grinding power on the tip.
Please note it cannot be twisted. Due to the binder being soft, the grindstone may split when twisted strongly.
Applying lubricant improves polishing efficiency.
For more usage instructions please see the support page.
You can easily shape it using an electrodeposited diamond file
For more information, please see the support page.


  • Ideal for polishing of copper electrodes and for fine deburring
  • Polish aluminum molds and deburr soft materials like copper, brass, etc.
  • Shade scratches on workpieces.


XEBEC Ceramic Stone Soft

Type Product Code Equivalent grit Size (mm)
Stick type BS-2006M #1200* 2×6×100
Rod type PBS-30M #1200* φ3×100
*Equivalent grit


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