XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Diamond

For high hardness material

Structure of ceramic stone

XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond has diamond embedded in layers, enable it to be used to the end without losing its sharpness.


Polishing method: Wet polishing with pneumatic tool
Workpiece material: D20 cut wire (HTA: 90)
Polishing area: 30mm x 15mm

How to Use

This tool can be used manually.
A stick holder is available as an optional tool.
Both the stick and the rod types can be used to polish with the tip or the sides of the tools.
Applying lubricant improves polishing efficiency.
For more usage instructions please see the support page.
You can easily shape the tip using an electrodeposited diamond file
For more maintenance please see the support page.


Polishes efficiently and beautifully on ultra-hard steel greater than HRC57 and hardened steels (SKD, DC, STAVAX, HPM, ASP, etc.)


XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond

XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond Stick type

  Dimensions  Product code
Moss green #1200* 1×4 ×100 DU-1004M
1×6×100 DU-1006M
1×10×100 DU-1010M
Gray #800* 1×4 ×100 DS-1004M
1×6×100 DS-1006M
1×10×100 DS-1010M
BlueGreen #400* 1×4 ×100 DF-1004M
1×6×100 DF-1006M
1×10×100 DF-1010M
Black #200* 1×4 ×100 DM-1004M
1×6×100 DM-1006M
1×10×100 DM-1010M
 *Equivalent grit

XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond Rod type

  Dimensions Product code
BlueGreen #400* φ3×50 PDF-30S
φ3×100 PDF-30M
For more maintenance please see the support page.


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