2016.07.13 New Lineup: XEBEC Brush Surface “Extra-Large”

In July 2016, we added extra-large brushes to the lineup of XEBEC Brush Surface. The new lineups are φ125mm, φ165mm, and φ200mm.

The XEBEC Brush Surface Extra-Large is suitable for deburring and polishing large workpieces with a width of 100mm or greater, such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, and machinery beds.It contributes to cut down processing time by reducing a number of passes and to improve finish quality by removing lap marks.
Φ125, φ165, and φ200 sizes are all available in three colors; red (A11), white (A21), and blue (A31).

Please see the support page for the details.

Product catalogue (PDF) is also available from the link below.

Processing Movie