2016.06.06 New website launched -Towards the website that customers can find their solution-

We are pleased to announce that XEBEC launches brand-new website.
This renewal had one particular goal in mind: a 100% solution to deburring problems for our visitors from all over the world. The highlights of the new website are detailed below.



Towards the website that customers can find their solution

For this renewal, the number one priority is to make the customers feel that their deburring and polishing needs can be solved.

Having been advocating “automated deburring and polishing” for over a decade, we have accumulated vast collection of success stories.
This time, we have included over 50 different automated deburring and polishing case studies. Visual image of all the case studies has been updated with new CG and video.
Each case study is categorized by applications, industry, purpose, workpiece material, cutting process, and processing machine. Customers are now able to find solutions through the similar cases that they are facing.
We will continue to update new case studies so that all of our customers may find exactly what they are searching for.
For this renewal, we also interviewed two companies that have been long-time users of our tools.
In the interview, they mentioned how, in an age of ever more complex products and growing burr outbreak scenarios, they were forced to rethink the deburring process. The manual polishing process was taking too much time. By consulting with us and automating the process, they succeeded in reducing the burden on their operating staff.

The interviews and case studies have been added to the new website.

Extensive support contents to help find your solutions!

We have assembled a collection of usage instruction and tips for each product, helping customers understand how our products work. Additionally, we have prepared video manuals for each product to help learn how to use the tool and how to operate the processing machine.
The video manuals start with how to install the products in a machining center and covers all the essential information including tool life management and precautions.


Furthermore, we specially hired a professional photographer to appeal our remarkable products and staff.

The product photos on the new top page have a polished appearance over a black background. It is hard to imagine that these are the industrial tools. The pictures tell a story—there’s more to our products than just their functions.
Our member page now includes portrait photos that show off each staff member, with their unique strengths, working as a team to solve the problems that our customers are facing.


We will continue to give our all to solve our customers’ deburring and polishing needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in automated deburring and polishing,.