2016.01.06 Good news for the XEBEC Brush™ Surface users!

Our new product “XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve™” which automates brush projection operation is now released. By eliminating manual adjustment of brush projection and depth of cut, frequent line stops are resolved, and deburring and polishing process are completely automated. It will significantly contribute to increase efficiency in mass production process, so please check out the effect for yourself!

New product XEBEC Self-Adjusting Sleeve™ (*This is an optional tool exclusively for XEBEC Brush™ Surface.)

Feature 1: No need to manually adjust projection; zero line stops
It eliminates the need to manually adjust the projection length, which may cause vulnerability or error by human intervention, and enables unattended machining at night. The benefits of unmanned operation include improvement in production efficiency and machine operation rate, as well as cost improvement by reducing labor cost.

Feature 2: Maintenance of ideal conditions and stable quality
The depth of cut and the amount of the brush projection is consistently maintained until the very end, contributing to stable quality and tool life expectancy.


Product code Overall length (mm) Outermost diameter (mm) Shank diameter (mm) Maximum rotation speed (min-1) Supporting brush
XP-AUT40M 189 φ60 φ16 3000 A11-CB40M / A21-CB40M
/ A31-CB40M
XP-AUT25M 5000 A11-CB25M / A21-CB25M
/ A31-CB25M
XP-AUT15M 136.3 φ37 φ10 6000 A13-CB15M / A11-CB15M
/ A21-CB15M / A31-CB15M
XP-AUT06M 124.1 10000 A13-CB06M / A11-CB06M
/ A21-CB06M / A31-CB06M